Friday, December 31, 2004

A Holistic Protocol that Works !

What is now working for me is a holistic protocol with a few anti-Lyme treatments and a LOT of emotional and spiritual support, including:

  1. Several critical supplements that detoxify Lyme and boost treatment effectiveness that I rotate through about one week per month including particularly cat’s claw (sawmento), wormwood (artimisinin), chlorella, and garlic, with occasional vitamins, daily minerals, and a few other occasional supplements.
  2. A complete diet overhaul, with a ‘candida’ type diet including organic/natural foods;
    use of fermented foods (home-made sauerkraut and Kiefer) and gluten-free grains (Amaranth, Millet, Quinoah, and some occasional Oats)
  3. Spiritual work (I read uplifting literature, read scripture, study related research, and take note of thoughts that occur to me) ;
  4. Meditations focused on the sermons of the great masters, with intensive focus on implementing better ways of thinking in my own life
  5. Emotional processing (I started about 9 months before Salt/C and was very important, and I believe a prerequisite for healing);
  6. Regular use of FIR sauna ;
  7. Use of heat packs for many days around the clock (including particularly on the thymus and around the neck which is unbelievably relaxing, now I just use them a few hours a day) the heat both relaxes and slows the Lyme activity;
  8. The Salt/Vitamin C protocol;
  9. Reiki/Quantum Touch (I almost always use them in tandem, they accomplish different things, feel different but are powerful together) in a ‘hands-on / hands-off’ type of treatment (I self-treat only if I haven’t treated anyone else that day);
  10. A unique type of meditation and brain balancing program I developed to help solve the ‘ADD’ problems I have had since my teen years (activating dormant areas of the brain, with the theory that the true cause of ADD is ‘love of imbalance’ programmed into the brain leading to inactivation of executive brain regions)
  11. Use of a special anxiety-reduction program with guided imagery (see – this works phenomenally well)
  12. Changes in personal life priorities (new set of goals more consistent with ‘who I am’ and ‘who I want to be’, this was VERY difficult to discover, it was not obvious, I used intentional dreaming and self-discovery meditations, it was an amazing experience and unexpected);
  13. A change in my career direction (to something that creates a natural enthusiasm in me and is more consistent with the new life priorities).
  14. Use of muscle testing to help me make many decisions such as to choose supplements. This works for me, it does not work for everyone. I am scientific about this and I 'calibrate' the muscle testing to see if it is working before using it (ask a test question with a known true response), and it does seem accurate.

Where was I before this protocol? Losing weight, even though I was emaciated. Mostly in bed, most of the day. I could sit at the computer for 2-3 hours spread throughout the day, but often it wore me out tremendously. I could not attend any meetings or be with groups of people.

And where am I now? I am now gaining weight, working 8 hours a day (at home), able to exercise gently, helping around the house, can sit for an hour or two now in meetings or with the family, and have much more energy. I can be with groups of people again. I can walk more than 50 feet now. I can read, think clearly most of the day, drive a car again... and so on.


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