Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lyme alters a body into a perfect parasite host

I recently read David Jernigan’s book about Lyme Disease ( and have thought a lot about his description of how Lyme adapts the body to become its ‘perfect host.’ This includes using neurotoxins to cause the victim’s body to become continually cold, acidic, and anaerobic. Isn’t this the ultimate explanation for the co-infection loads? Once the body is a perfect host for lyme, it is as if a banner is placed on the body saying ‘bug smorgasbord here’. We are then a perfect host for lots of other critters, which we are exposed to every day anyway, thanks to the spraying of microfilarial worms on our crops to control insects, the availability of cheap fruits/veggies from countries with parasite problems, etc. So it is no surprise that if you have a host-adapting bug like Lyme, you will be hosting a party for lots of co-infections.


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