Monday, May 16, 2005

Review of several Salt-based Protocols

This is my quick review of the current salt-related protocols for treating Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. Rumor has it that a number of physicians are conducting small-scale clinical trials of some variations on these. Will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Each of these includes the basic combination of Salt and Vitamin C. There are various theories about why this works, but for the most part this is a synergistic 'discovery.' If you are interested in using Salt/C, I recommend reviewing most or all of these sites. One important warning though, I believe that there is one major omission in all of these, and that is that they lack any special kidney support or consideration for kidney health. While there is some controversy about this, my own experience has been that the kidneys need to rest from the higher Salt levels now and then. So I take one or two days a week off the protocol, and also take a full week off if my kidneys start to ache. However, some people seem to have little or no kidney distress from Salt/C. So caution is indicated, but hope for the best. Some people are recovering from these protocols alone, and some are improving a lot by combining Salt/C with other treatments. However, nobody claims that Salt/C is a cure for any of the conditions being treated. Most of the protocols, with the exception of Klinghardt, include indefinite use of the Salt/C.

Original Salt/C protocol (Lyme-focused protocol by anonymous recovered
persons, posted in 1999, their story has been validated) - This is probably the site that 'started it all.' The careful experimentation and following a hunch payed off in a major way. The people who discovered this protocol are continuing at full dose, and staying well now for 6+ years.

Enhanced Salt/C protocol (more comprehensive, includes immune-boosting,
detox, Rife, etc., by Marc Fett, recovered from Lyme Disease) - . Marc is now using a reduced level of Salt/C and is continuing to stay well. Many other people are experiencing success from this protocol. Marc adds a lot of extras to Salt/C including supernutrients, multimineral supplements, immune boosting, etc.

Enhanced Salt/C group (Discusses Marc Fett protocol, Marc moderates) - This group is reporting great success with Salt/C. This is a support-oriented group, and people working through the herx response are able to get useful feedback from others who are ahead of them on the protocol. Most of the people in this group have purchased Marc Fett's 'e-book' about his Enhanced Salt/C protocol. The group also discusses the original Salt/C protocol and other related topics.

Recup, a Sodium/Potassium/Calcium/Magnesium blend (Alfred Blasi
protocol, recovered from severe FM/CFS) This is the web site containing Alfred's story of recovery from a nightmarish Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue condition. There are links on this page to the manufacturer of the mineral supplement Alfred invented. Alfred's patent rights were donated to ongoing research into the use of his protocol. The manufacturer is in Spain.

Recup group (Discusses Blasi, FM/CFS, Alfred participates from time to
time) . This is a Yahoo group dedicated to discussion of the Blasi protocol. This is a support group of sorts, and people get help working through issues related to using Recup for FM/CFS.

Dr. Klinghardt Protocol (Uses Salt/C as a 3 month parasite cleanse
adjunct, Lyme-focused) . This is a doctor-recommended protocol with many improvements reported, my own MD recommends this protocol. Incidentally, Klinghardt also has a neurotoxin cleanse protocol, and
heavy metal recommends. See:

Experimental Salt/C discussion group (Discusses Salt/C for all conditions)
This yahoo group discusses Salt/C treatments in general, mostly for CFS/ME type conditions. This is a new group (May 2005).

Co-Cure Salt Page (Discusses natural salt)
Although not a protocol, this page is a wonderful explanation of why we need, and are deficient in, the minerals contained in natural salts. If you are considering using ANY salt protocl, I highly recommend reading this page.


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