Friday, December 29, 2006

Pulsing Salt/C - it's working

[IMPORTANT - I am leaving this blog post up as a historical insight into my efforts with salt/c, but I have reversed many of my views on salt/c since this post. The improvements I mention below did not last and I eventually had to stop salt/c entirely. I now believe it is critical that a person experimenting with salt/c be careful and be familiar with the risks of the protocol. For some people salt/c may have serious risks. Please see my post 'Cautions about Salt/C, also the 'Warning Label' section in my 'Executive Summary of Salt/C']

I am much improved, to the point where I am trying to work again. Still not back to my old self, that will take some time, but at least not bedridden and housebound all the time now. So time to share what is making the difference. I have made a few important changes, including pulsing salt/c and adding some important adjuncts.

First the EMF blocking. The EMF hat still helps, and does give good results, but I do not seem to need it as often. I wear it when I feel lousy. I have a daughter (early teenager) who has some CFS/Lyme type symptoms and she steals my hat when she has headaches, and that stops them often. I don’t use the shirt much anymore, but for a time it was helpful. I believe the EMF blocking did help something heal, it provided a step up the ladder, so to speak.

Now the pulsing. I went off salt/c for about 3 months, and was fine at first, but then started to decline again. So now I am back on a full dose, for the past few months, and that is better than ever. Partly I tried this because of Klinghardt’s views on salt/c, and it did help. I am also about to start Modifilan (for the second time), to help remove metals. I like Klinghardt’s general methods, but use alternative supplements to achieve the same goals, like the Modifilan, for example.

I was on antibiotics for a year, about six years ago. Antibiotics don’t fix chronic Lyme in people like me for some reason. I don’t trust them much, they gave me candida problems which I still battle. I am about to try SF722 to battle the candida.

In addition to salt/c, this time I added a high-quality colloid silver (MesoSilver) and colloid gold (MesoGold). Also I am taking Juice Plus. The combination is VERY powerful, equivalent to taking antibiotics, maybe better, because it does not seem to destroy the friendly flora.

So I am narrowing down a bit to a small protocol that seems to have a lot of power.


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