Thursday, February 03, 2005

Importance of having fun if you have CFIDS/Lyme

No doubt the neurotoxins produced by co-infections are the cause of a lot of emotional problems experienced by people with CFIDS and Lyme, because neurotoxins get into the lipids controlling the nerves, and thereby effect how the body will respond to any emotion. I’ve noticed the emotional amplifier effect on the herx symptoms as well. When I am having a bad herx response, any anxious, negative thought or stressful event seems like a catastrophe. I feel that when this happens there is a sort of ‘feed-back loop’ that causes me to over-sense, or over-perceive the painful symptom. Then if I can find a way to break that loop, usually through a distraction, it goes back down to just a dull discomfort.

I think this is why it is important to have fun. To do something enjoyable, something to look forward to, every day. Maybe not a lot, but something that doesn't require too much energy but still is fun. Something to hope for during those times of feeling lousy. I read through several Tolkien books during the first month on Salt/C (OK, I always have been a little compulsive). I could not have done that pre-Salt/C because of the concentration problems, but this time, I enjoyed it! I couldn’t read every day, but most days I could for a few hours when not herxing. Also, I felt a kind of mental and emotional renewal, something I had forgotten about, the reason I enjoyed those types of novels in High School. Of course, this won’t work for everyone, but I think the principle is sound, find something enjoyable, and have some fun as the Salt/C starts working. Having some fun should be part of any CFIDS/Lyme protocol! Fun can help break the dysfunctional mental traps the co-infections can set for us, and can help us get through the herx periods.


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