Saturday, February 05, 2005

Should we immunize children who have Lyme?

I think it is wise to be cautious about giving children immunizations if there is Lyme in the family. This is because immunizations challenge the immune system. If the immune system is already battling Lyme, then the immunization may cause severe worsening.

We saw something like this this right after we immunized one of our children so he could go to school. We were a bit wary, but did not at the time know we had Lyme in the family, I was very sick, and a few others were getting sick, but the cause was a mystery. So just to be safe, we requested and received an immunization without any mercury (Thimerisol-free). But that did not seem to matter. The immunization problem isn’t the mercury folks, it is the immune challenge in the presence of a chronic infection. Here is why I draw that conclusion, our son had a fever type response right after the mercury-free immunization, then went steadily downhill after that, for the several weeks before school started. We did everything natural we could to boost his immunity, but it only helped a little. Before this immunizations he was a happy child, active but able to be calm, went to bed every night by himself and was asleep, out cold, in about 10 minutes. Very mature and a active as would be expected for his age, outgoing but in control. After the final immunization he regressed emotionally. He became very hyperactive, excitable, almost impossible to calm, had trantrums and fits a lot, he couldn’t go to sleep by himself anymore. He became insecure, and anxious. He already had some symptoms of ADHD prior to the immunization, but became ‘clinical’ afterwards. Some of his infant responses returned, including the wind startle response (we were quite amazed at that).

After some research we found that this is a known risk, and some people consider this type of reversion a type of autism. We were VERY angry about this, and about all the lies we have been told about the safety of immunization. In the year and a half since then our son has emotionally has made some progress, but he is still not back to the maturity where he was before the immunizations. We are optimistic because he is progressing, but it is as if he is carrying a heavy weight now, progress is more painful and difficult.

Knowing what I know now about Lyme I am convinced that what happened was that the immunization created a ‘stress event’ that activated a latent Lyme bacteria, or other co-infections he was harboring. Then, because the infection was activated during a critical period of development for him, it had these drastic effects. Hopefully as we learn to manage Lyme he will return to his proper developmental level. This is not an isolated story, I know others who have Lyme in the family and have also had these types of immunization responses in their children. With all of the chronic infections that are appearing throughout our society, perhaps the time has come to communicate more carefully the risks posed by immunizations.


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