Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Temporary Remission Stories

I posted awhile back about some temporary remissions that seems possibly associated with a helminth infection as a co-factor of CFS. Well, I have collected a few more interesting stories. These may point to a common mechanism, perhaps the result of the biotoxins from certain infections, or maybe from other sources...

In one case a couple both had MCS and CFS and they moved to a 'clean' house in S. Florida, and got about 80% better within a day or two. I don't believe it lasted though.

Another case I know of is a person who is traveling around Central and S. America and he finds that in some locations he is well and others he is immediately ill. He believes that closer to the equator, near the ocean, and sometimes near a hydro-electric power plant are all better locations for him.

Yet another case is of a person who decided that his CFS was caused by cell phone towers, he had three towers within a half mile of his house. He moved up into a cabin in a mountain area where there were no cell towers near and he got well!When he goes back into 'cell phone' territory he gets sick again, almost immediately. I did some research about that issue and discovered that the wave-length used by cell phones is about 6 inches, the width of a typical adult head! So cell phones really do fry our brains... (oh great). But the question is why just certain people would be susceptible to this? My theory is that some infections disrupt the electrolyte balance, thus lowering our natural magnetic shield (which I believe is produced by pineal gland).

And here is another one, a woman I know got well for about a week after drinking a bottle of NingXia juice over the course of a few days, it is Wolf Berry juice in a blend with a few other fruits, from China. Her full strength returned. But she could not afford to continue that.

Also, I know two people who have had sustained recovery, both are recovered about 95% from CFS, and one was nearly bedridden. In both cases they corrected diet, fixed digestive issues, and one boosted her glutathione as well (with whey protein). But these are all typical things people do for CFS. What they believed made the major difference was that they both went through major emotional and spiritual work. One of these woman used essential oils (aroma therapy) and extensive positive affirmations. Both worked through a lot of emotional processing. I doubt that emotional problems caused their CFS, as I knew them both before they got ill, but somehow by generating very strong positive emotions they were able to defeat some aspect of the disease.

My working theory about a common denominator in these stories is that something happens to the pineal gland early in the disease, perhaps from an infection that we are unable to defend against due to genetics or immune-modulating infections. There may be many ways to help the pineal situation. Strong positive emotions may support the pineal as it is a 'mind-body' gland, a bridge between our thoughts and our physiology. Also, the pineal is sensitive to magnetic fields, possibly explaining the locations effect. And the pineal is highly sensitive to toxins, particularly if the blood-brain barrior has been compromised, possibly explaining rapid recovery in a clean house. This seems consistent with the first group of temporary recovery stories I posted, as DMT is produced by the pineal! So what is wrong with our pineal gland? And, could this be the mechanism that is most affected by a biotoxin load, helping produce the chronic panic/anxiety load that creates the CFS symptoms?

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