Sunday, January 30, 2005

Best Lyme Treatment Websites

There are thousands of websites devoted to Lyme. Almost any site on Lymes can describe the many confusing symptoms. But not too many report successful treatments. Here are the best ones I have found: (this protocol is recommended by my LLMD) (I have this book and am currently reading it) (this is probably the most important Lyme site on the web, I am following a more complex version of this protocol. MANY people – including doctors - are talking about this site. This site makes the Lyme-Parasite link, which is emerging as a missing piece of the puzzle. I recently learned that the ‘microfilarial worms’ talked about on this site are actually intentionally sprayed on crops to help control insect problems.) (a good quick synopsis on the Rense site. Rense is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, sort of tabloid, but if you like Rense, you may want to search for ‘Lyme’ at this site, as there are other good articles here) (I have Dr. Jurnigan’s book, probably the best book on Lyme I have read, very holistic. You can read the first few chapters on this website. I know someone who got well from his protocol). (this is the best online group I have found – they discuss mostly the Salt/C protocol, but also others they have tried. This group is a ‘seasoned’ group that has spent a lot of effort combing through treatments and is finding the Salt/C to be one of the best if not the best available.) .

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Lyme alters a body into a perfect parasite host

I recently read David Jernigan’s book about Lyme Disease ( and have thought a lot about his description of how Lyme adapts the body to become its ‘perfect host.’ This includes using neurotoxins to cause the victim’s body to become continually cold, acidic, and anaerobic. Isn’t this the ultimate explanation for the co-infection loads? Once the body is a perfect host for lyme, it is as if a banner is placed on the body saying ‘bug smorgasbord here’. We are then a perfect host for lots of other critters, which we are exposed to every day anyway, thanks to the spraying of microfilarial worms on our crops to control insects, the availability of cheap fruits/veggies from countries with parasite problems, etc. So it is no surprise that if you have a host-adapting bug like Lyme, you will be hosting a party for lots of co-infections.

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